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The 6 Human Needs........

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

There are 6 human needs that we all meet in some way. Some needs are strong for us than others. Ask me about the test to take and find out where each of your needs are in your life.

The six core human needs are: certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth and contribution. The first four needs are defined as needs of the personality and the last two are identified as needs of the spirit

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The first four needs, (Certainty, Uncertainty/Variety, Significance and Love/Connection), are the needs of our personality. The last two, (Growth and Contribution), are spiritual needs.

The 6 Human Needs

These are the need of our personality

1. Certainty -The need for stability safety and comfort. This one we have right from when we were born. We depend on our mother and father in every way shape and form. As we get older this need will change for all of us and will go in all directions. Knowing what is happening during our day, what we like or how people look at us are some examples.

2. Uncertainty or Variety - The need for stimulus and change. What in your life makes you feel excited or adventurous? Excitement? Challenges? We all need to have these feelings of not knowing and being an explorer. Some of us more than others. Think about the number of careers that are out there that deal with Uncertainty or Variety. It is really amazing if you think about it.

3. Significance - The need to feel special and worthy of attention. This need is probably the most popular need. Everyone wants to feel special. Look at Facebook ! Facebook is really all about YOU and wanting people to "like" any and everything you are doing. In a relationship you need to feel significant. Are there people in your life that make you feel more significant than others? What activities do you do that brings you the need for significance ?

4. Love and Connection - The need to feel connected and that you are loved. To feel a connection with someone or something. To feel intimate and loved by someone or something. What activities or relationships make you feel loved or connected?

5. Growth - The need to learn and expand your abilities. Needing for constant emotional, intellectual and spiritual development in your life. When we are growing we expand our knowledge in our life, our feelings, our interactions and our inner peace.

6. Contribution - The need to give without expecting anything in return. Give to others, protect others and serve others are some ways we meet this need. By giving we, in return, will receive and grow. Through this need we often meet all our needs at once. Giving is sometimes very easy for one person and difficult for another.

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